Commonly Overlooked Causes of Car Accidents

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Many people drive with the assumption that the roads are in good repair and that the signs which dictate your driving behavior are visible. However, in many instances those conditions do not exist. A Queens auto collision lawyer will list these and more as commonly overlooked causes of car accidents.

The number one overlooked issue is intoxication of a driver. Often, it is overlooked if the driver hides the signs and doesn’t smell of alcohol. He or she may also be high from drug use. Again, this is sometimes hidden from the authorities.

Other overlooked causes are elements that are present at the time of the accident, but not present when the police arrive on the scene. A typical example of such contributing force is another vehicle.  This is especially true of vehicles that block a view of the road until after the accident, and then decide to move rather than be included in the accident report.

Vehicles that are involved in the accident, but not one of the vehicles that was in the collision are another scenario of an overlooked cause of car accidents. A good example would be the car that inexplicably slams on the brakes causing a ripple effect making the cars behind it collide. Generally, these vehicles drive away from the collision they caused and never offer any assistance in determining the fault of the accident.

Large pot holes in New York City streets have led to many car accidents, usually involving only one car, but sometimes resulting in some kind of collision between vehicles.

Overgrown vegetation has been known to obscure the visibility of street signs. “One Way” signs that are obscured by tree limbs could easily result in a car accident when one vehicle goes the wrong way on a one-way street. It could also block a stop sign causing a vehicle to fail to stop, possibly resulting in an accident.

Other commonly overlooked causes of car accidents include faulty car engines or equipment. Brakes that are not maintained properly could result in you not stopping fast enough to avoid an accident. A non-working transmission could cause your vehicle to fail to climb a hill resulting in the car rolling back and hitting the car behind it.

Not knowing how to operate a stick shift or 5-speed vehicle properly could result in improper operation that could result in an accident, especially when driving in heavy traffic with repeated starts and stops.

Another accident promoting behavior is signaling a turn that you fail to make. This is especially problematic if the car behind you decides to speed past you, only to have you pull in front of him rather than making the turning you indicated you were making.

Because you never know what you or the car near you will encounter on the road, it is wise to keep a decent distance between you and the next car. This protects you against unexpected stops and the other drivers’ sudden adjustments in driving. Visibility problems, vehicle problems, and road hazards all contribute to causing accidents that affect many drivers in New York and other cities in the U.S.

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