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Aug 18, 2011
Mr. Mensa

Update: Bye bye Yahoo Business Hosting (08/16)

So its been 2 long years with Yahoo Business web hosting, and I can safely say I don’t know what I was thinking.

At first everything seemed fine, but then my transfer speed started getting throttled suddenly, and by throttled I’m talking 25kbps. Really?! How in God’s name do you expect me to do anything with that? I called support to find out what was going on and the really nice rep explained to me that based on how much I have in my storage, my bandwidth speeds get cut accordingly and there’s nothing that can be done. wow. so you mean I’ll be forced to use megaupload to send files to my clients? Isn’t that professional for a BUSINESS HOSTING PLAN?!  *rolleyes*

It’s not the only issue I’ve had, but it’s by far the absolute largest beef. (However their phone support staff are AWESOME!)

That certainly isn’t going to work for my photography needs, so  it’s time to find a new home. Enter Site5.

They’ve come highly recommended by a few friends, especially by Dubcomm.  Customer service, support, price and up time are all solid from what I’ve been told and what I’ve seen,  so it’s time to take the dive and make the switch next week when my plan comes up for renewal with Yahoo.

Hopefully this is a nice and easy transition. *fingers crossed*

…now time to get back to watching Saddam Hussein vs Pol Pot on Deadliest Warrior before bed. Shooting @ Jack Astors tomorrow evening.

Jul 29, 2011
Mr. Mensa

My challenge to ALL Canadians…

Before you kick off your long weekend celebration, take a moment to think about the fact while you party it up with your friends and family there are  thousands continuing to die in the Horn of Africa, an area which includes Somalia, Kenya, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Uganda. That’s right, before you finish your beer or mix drink hundreds will likely die in one of the worst droughts to hit the region in 60 years and impacting 11.6 million people. An expected 5 MILLION CHILDREN will die before the next school year starts in just a few weeks if they don’t receive just the bare essentials of life, food & water.  To make matters worse, African Union forces have been trying to fend off rebel troops who are blocking the delivery of aid because the rebels believe it is better for these innocent people to die than to receive help from the west.

On the news they showed heart-wrenching images of children so hungry and dehydrated that they couldn’t even close their eyelids, told stories of families who have walked for months to get help and have lost family members along the way, one woman set out on her journey with her 4 children 2 months ago, she buried 3 of them along the way and the last one was barely clinging to life.  You can sit idly by this weekend while your fellow humans starve to death as you stand in front of your BBQ sipping drinks, or you can stand up and help make a difference.

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Jul 23, 2011
Mr. Mensa

Got my cherry popped!!

My publishing cherry that is!

UMM Summer 2011 issue

Summer 2011 issue of UMM!!

I finally got myself a copy of the magazine and I’ve gotta admit it’s a really great feeling to see my photos in print in a magazine and my name in the credits. Hopefully this is the first of many to come, I know that my BackStreet Boys photos will also be featured in the next issue of UMM, which I’m really excited about! :D

These past few months I’ve started to really focus (har har) on photography, and it would seem that bit by bit it’s paying off, so that there is proof positive that with the right attitude, some dedication and a twist of passion that anything is possible. Sure it isn’t a cover girl, but hey, it’s a start!

Apr 28, 2011
Mr. Mensa

EH! Can we be any more stereotypically Canadian, eh?

In Tim Hortons, with not one, but two, identical plaid jackets. Are there such things as a his and hers plaid jacket, or are they all unisex?

and can this photo scream CANADIAN any more? I think not.

Tim Hortons Plaid Twins

Well perhaps if they were wearing Roots mittens…and rode in on snowmobiles. Matching of course.

Much thanks to K.C. for the sighting & photo.


Apr 25, 2011
Mr. Mensa

FreeREVOK!!! LA’s REVOK arrested at LAX and held on $320k bail.



LA based graffiti artist Revok was picked up by the LA Sheriffs Dept at LAX as he was about to board a flight to Ireland. Now arrests are nothing new to graffiti artists, but what blows my mind is the $320,000 bail that has been put on him, are you serious? Over 1/4 million dollars? For an ARTIST?!?!


What is this world coming to when we arrest talented artists and put such extreme and absurd penalties on them. Sure, not everybody likes graffiti, and the authorities want to send a message, but we aren’t talking about some wack ass lil toy punk from suburbia, we’re talking REVOK, one of the world’s best writers imo.

When will law enforcement and government realize they are fighting a losing battle, you don’t win wars with people who wage “war” within their own culture on a regular basis. It’s like going into an MMA fight against a pro fighter, meanwhile your training consists of watching UFC on TV, somebody’s gonna get knocked out, odds are it isnt going to be the UFC fighter.

The key is to find a peaceful median for both parties, because just like the war on marijuana, you cant kill graffiti, you just burn money on trying to make it go away. When oh when will the leaders ever learn? #wastefulhabits

In the meantime, Follow KnownGallery on Twitter, Facebook and check out their blog, and SPREAD THE WORD.. #freeREVOK!!!!!! (We’ll give you Bieber in exchange)

Apr 20, 2011
Mr. Mensa

#WordPress didn’t win this round…

Well the first round of updates went well. No hitches and no glitches. I’m real happy the insane thunderstorm we had tonight didn’t knock out power in the midst of the customizing fury.

Facebook status @ 3:30am:
“The soothing sound of raindrops on my window ledge accented by booming cracks of thunder. The tapping of a coders fingers on plastic keys with breaks of left click, drag.left click, drag. API, SEO & CSS  are my 3 letter friends. Flashes of lightning periodically jolt me from this trance. This isn’t a dream, it’s 3:30am, it’s WordPress.”

Over the next couple days I’m going to try and squeeze in some other features, nothing too crazy tho, main focus is getting a self hosted gallery up for the next set of event photo posts.

There’s alot of work to be done, but it will be well worth it.

Anyways. It’s nearing 6am. Tomorrow is another day…well more like in another 6 hours I’ll be back at it.

PS. I’m liking the pink accent. I dunno, it just gives it this POP! what do you think?